Adding Size Chart to Shopify Product Page

When people shop online, they can’t try things on. So, giving them a size chart helps them pick the right fit. Imagine getting a shirt that’s too big or shoes that are too small – not fun, right? A size chart can save the day!

Step 1: Create Your Size Chart

First things first, you’ll need a size chart. This is like a handy guide that shows measurements for your products, like waist size or shirt length. You can make it with words or even pictures, depending on what suits your products best.

Step 2: If You Go Visual…

If you make a size chart with pictures, you’ll need to turn it into a special computer file. It’s not as tricky as it sounds. There are simple tools like Canva or even Word that can do the job!

Step 3: Put It on Shopify

Now, let’s get that size chart onto your Shopify store. Log in to your admin dashboard and find the product you’re working on. Scroll down to where you see ‘Images’. Click ‘Add images’ and upload your size chart.

Step 4: Adding the Size Chart

If you’re using a text-based size chart, you can include it right in the product description. It’s like adding a little section that says “Size Chart” and then listing the measurements in a clear way.

Here’s an example in simple words:

**Size Chart**

| Size | Bust (in) | Waist (in) | Hip (in) |
| XS   | 30-32     | 24-26      | 34-36    |
| S    | 32-34     | 26-28      | 36-38    |
| M    | 34-36     | 28-30      | 38-40    |
| L    | 36-38     | 30-32      | 40-42    |

Step 5: Guide Your Customers

Don’t forget to give your customers a little guidance on how to measure themselves. It’s like a friendly tip to make sure they get the right size.

Step 6: Check It Out

Before you’re done, take a peek at how it looks on your product page. Try it on different devices like your computer, phone, or tablet to make sure it’s easy for everyone to see.


Adding a size chart might seem like a small step, but it can make a big difference for your customers. It helps them pick the perfect fit and makes shopping with you a breeze. Plus, happy customers often come back for more. So, go ahead and give it a try on your Shopify store.

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