Adding a Custom Note to Your Shopify Cart Page

When running an online store, making your customers happy is a top priority. One way to make your customers’ experience better is by letting them tell you what they need. Adding a special instructions box to your Shopify cart page can help you do just that. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to create a custom note field on your cart page, step by step.

Step 1: Get to Your Shopify Theme Code

Start by logging into your Shopify admin area. Go to “Online Store” and then “Themes.” Find the theme you’re using and click “Edit Code.”

Step 2: Edit the Cart Template

In the list of theme files, find and click on Cart.liquid under “Templates.” If you don’t see it, search for the cart form section.

Step 3: Add the Special Instructions Box

Under the <form> tag that starts your cart form, you can put in the special instructions box. Here’s some code to add:

<form action="/cart" method="post" novalidate>
  <!-- Your cart items go here -->
  <label for="note">Special Instructions:</label>
  <textarea name="note" id="note" rows="4" placeholder="Tell us your special instructions here"></textarea>

This code creates a box where your customers can type in any special instructions they have. You can also generate your own field from below link.

Step 4: Make It Look Good (Optional)

If you want to make the special instructions box look nicer, you can use CSS to style it. You can add custom styles in your theme’s stylesheet. Just use the id and class attributes to change the appearance as you like.

Step 5: Save Your Changes

After adding the special instructions box and making it look good, remember to save your work by clicking “Save” in the code editor.

Step 6: Test It Out

To be sure it’s working right, add some products to your cart and go to your cart page on your store. You should see the special instructions box there. Your customers can now easily tell you what they need.

Step 7: Do More (Optional)

If you want to take it further, you can customize how these notes show up on the order details and in emails. This might involve changes to other template files, like Order.liquid


Adding a special instructions box to your Shopify cart page is a simple way to improve customer satisfaction. Letting your customers provide specific instructions or comments makes their shopping experience more personal. Consider making this small but impactful change to your online store today!

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