Tricks and Tips to Improve Shopify Speed

In e-commerce , website loading speed is really important. It helps people buy things quickly and keeps them happy. If your Shopify store is slow, people might leave without buying anything. To help you, here are some simple tips to make your Shopify store load faster and work better.

1. Pick a Simple Theme: Start with a simple design for your store. Some designs are heavy and can slow down your website. Look for a design that is made to be fast.

2. Make Pictures Smaller: Big pictures can make your website slow. You can use a minifying tool like TinyPNG to make your pictures smaller without making them look bad. An app called “Smush” can help you with this.

3. Show Pictures Slowly: Make your pictures load one by one, not all at once. Always implement lazy loading in your theme this helps your website load faster when people visit it.

4. Don’t Use Too Many Apps: Apps are like extras for your store, but too many of them can make your store slow. Remove apps you don’t need anymore.

5. Use Browser Memory: When people visit your store, their browser can save some things to make the next visit faster. This is called “browser caching.”

6. Use a Global Helper: A Global Delivery Network (CDN) can help your website load faster all around the world. It stores your website on different computers so people can access it faster.

7. Make Code Smaller: Make your website’s code smaller. This helps it load faster. You can do this by removing extra spaces and things that are not needed.

8. Don’t Make People Wait: Too many redirects can make people wait longer. Use fewer redirects and fix old links that don’t work.

9. Keep Everything Updated: Make sure your Shopify theme and tools are up to date. Updates can help your store work better and faster.

10. Phone-Friendly: Lots of people use their phones to shop. Make sure your store looks good and works fast on phones and tablets too.

11. Less Outside Stuff: Things like videos and outside tools can slow down your store. Try to use less of them. If you want to use a video host it on Youtube or Vimeo and embed it in the store.

12. Quick Checkout: Shopify has a fast checkout option. It lets people buy things without going through a big process.

13. Check How it Works: Use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix to see how your store is doing. They’ll tell you what needs to be fixed.

14. Use Good Code: If you add your own special code to your store, make sure it’s good and doesn’t slow things down. Bad code can make your store slow.

Remember, making your store fast is important. These tips can help you have a fast Shopify store that people will enjoy using. Keep checking to make sure your store stays fast over time.

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